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worry & me -- poetry by Amy Feng

sometimes i eat away my worries

yet i see it on my face.

fingers knotted in my hair, butterfly kisses

on my chin.

it gropes me through my skin,

its rummaging, roaming touch

a moth on my thighs.

someone give me a knife!

i want to carve out its shape,

coerce it out of my skin.

i am afraid that if i eat any more,

i will become big enough to fit the two of us,

worry and me,

a bunk-bed for two in a room for one.

this is my body, my body,

yet i cannot stop worry from eating,

its fingers down my throat,

and me,

who keeps eating, eating the worry.


Amy Feng is a high school student from Australia. She's an avid lover of cats and is perpetually dependent on coffee. This is her first publication.

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