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Cat’s Domain -- poetry by Isabel Brozen

The cat

That sat

In the window seat

Wonders about the world.

Greeted at the door,

Wishing whiskers brush the cracked glass pane.

Fur black -

Spattered on new paper like ink spot spray.

Dusty footprints in the printer tray

Book dust, old paper fraying at the edges

Baking bread crust and lemon scented wood.

Cat sits high on wooden shelf ledges

Waking from her nap contented,

Sleek and spry.

Sleeps in hanging planters

In the gilded sunbeam window.

Midnight enchanter, like a dark dye stain,

From her throne sits, surveying Cat’s domain

Of tile stone and champagne curtain cords of lace.

Rolling ringing pennies over floor boards, under carpets sewn in gold

Springing from a doting parent’s hold to chase

Quilted piles, adoring smiles, and wilted flower petals.

Returning to her hiding tower nook with nothing to atone

Gliding through the books, only claws to hone.

Lies knowing she is prized, half lidded glowing eyes

Watching gossamer drapes billow

In tantalizing shapes

Over sunlight painted streets.

Plaster dust motes floating like the feathers sprung from pillows

Left in window seats for cats.


Isabel Brozen is a sophomore at Kimball Union Academy in New Hampshire. She likes the way words sound when they are meant to be kind and empowering. She spent a lot of her childhood learning how to make pictures with adjectives, though she’s seldom shown these pictures to anyone outside her circle of friends. She is learning how to not be anti-social. She hopes to learn from people from all walks of life. Books are her windows into other worlds. She is still figuring out who she is.

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