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Girl. -- poetry by MacKenzie Taylor


Fix that damn shirt— girl.

Do your fingertips pass the end of your skirt? girl.

You’re making their eyes lurk — girl.

You’re distracting them from their work — girl.

You can’t dress like this — girl.

Come down to the office — girl.

You’re showing too much skin — girl.

Go pick something out from that nasty bin — girl.

I don’t care if he was showing more — girl.

His clothes don’t make him a whore — girl.

He’s a boy, anything is allowed — girl.

You can go back to class now — girl.

Good to see you’re covered up today — girl.

Wouldn’t want the wrong message portrayed — girl.

What do you mean he grabbed you? girl.

Well, what did you expect him to do? girl.

You should’ve been dressed more lady—like — girl.

Boys will be boys, am I right? girl.

Did you actually tell him no? girl.

He’s a good kid, just let it go — girl.

Just let them do as they please — girl.

Enough with these “woe is me”s — girl.

It’s your body, yeah, I’ll admit — girl.

But Big Brother will always have his hands all over it — girl.


MacKenzie Taylor is a future Ultrasound Technologist with a serious admiration for poetry. Although she has not been published just yet, she is hoping she can have a future with writing. She is a senior in high school from Massachusetts that spends her days going on long drives, blasting music, writing, and fueling her caffeine addiction. Some things she really enjoys include candles, babies, puppies, and laughing at really inconvenient times.

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