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lunch break -- poetry by Mackenzie Morong

we ate 7/11 hotdogs together

the first day we met

sprinting back down the street

stuffing them into our mouths

laughing and praying we wouldn’t be late

a few days later

we sat at a plastic table

in the food court two doors down

eating orange chicken

and talking about school

when it was nice out

we sat in the park

with burrito bowls from boloco

that had too many tomatoes for my taste

we watched the rain drip off the trees above us

and the bark dug into my skin

but I didn’t mind

out last day together we played apples to apples

made jokes at adam sandler’s expense

carried animal crackers and fruit snacks in paper bowls

taking as many as we could back to our room

before it was time to leave

we packed up our notebooks

made the journey down the winding staircase

next to the elevator that had stopped working

probably before we were born

we stepped into the sunshine

and never spoke again


Mackenzie Morong is a high school student in Massachusetts. She likes playing soccer, skiing, and baking, when she’s not reading. Fiction is her favorite genre, especially fantasy or sci-fi. She is part of the Literary Magazine at her school, and has received silver keys from the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards.

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