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Morning at Tancheon Station -- poetry by Minkyu Shim

I stepped out from Woosung Apartment,

and the Tancheon River undulates below

the short bridge connecting Songpa

and Kang-nam. Heize’s smooth R&B

loops from my earphones just like usual,

and the bus station empties. With my

mask on, I take a seat

on the bench frozen through the night

feeling the waves of the cold air

though the morning starts to warm.

The sky shines blue,

and the tall standing maple trees nestle

the apartment buildings. Next

to them, tiny white gu-jeol-cho flowers

sprout along the Daechi Woosung

crossroad, while the honking of the car

breeds a new day. Breeze folds in and out

of the dashing cars, whips the frozen pavement.

Across the street, business men bundle

up their coats on the way to their office

and I seem to be the only boy among



Minkyu Shim is a 14 years old from South Korea, who is currently studying in International School Manila. Many of his writings are based on his culture and his identity. His work was published in The Heritage Review. He is really passionate about music and he spends his time listening and studying music in his free time. He loves Heize, CHANGMO, and K-Pop.

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