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Musings of a Perfectionist -- poetry by Hannah Ascher

tread carefully, my dear

upon the crushed cans

the cloying syrup submerges your

stockinged feet

the meticulous snapsnapsnap of

splintered bones and teeth

a teetering pile of paradisiac sweets

perched upon a paper crown

you will fall down you will fall down

here greed is muffled by

thick rugs and crystal fixtures

blossoming neatly amidst

the crippled limbs

see how aptly each one bends?

you will fall down you will fall down

a stroke and a slap they march

in twos, a one-two punch will knock you

sensible, straight-backed, expert

hooked on the bittersweet whipthrash

the fastidious slapslapslap of

it’s for your own good, and

you’ll thank me later, and

it will all be worth it

but you’ll never be enough

and you will fall down you will fall down.


Hannah Ascher is a high school sophomore at Brentwood School in Los Angeles, California. She is passionate about global disaster relief and serves as a student ambassador for IsraAID, and as co-leader of the Brentwood International Disaster Relief Club. Her great loves include gothic poetry, historical fiction novels, and dance. Hannah is most at peace on a hiking trail or crafting harmonies with her brother and songwriting partner.

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