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sounds of the suburbs - poetry by Ashley Romero

signs of subtle civilization

uttering the sounds of the suburbs.

the living make their quiet call

of ultimately nothing at all

of mowing lawns and backyard pools

or children plodding home from school

of chirping birds and barking dogs

or ignorance of city smog

and plastic waste on summer’s eve

and garden hoses in the spring

that rust accordingly in rain,

resembling the tired veins

of grandma napping on the porch

who still attends mid-sunday church

in spite of the pastor’s sinful acts

the upward nose he turns to blacks

under suspiciously blue skies

of those who only live clockwise

and pace their living by the books;

install alarms for fear of crooks

that litter just southwest downtown

and tend to carry skin of brown

that shall not know the peaceful ways

of leisurely and secure days

of prom pictures in daddy’s tux

this humble brand of perverse luxe

four flavors of pie to taste

on holidays that go to waste

a prancing, panting golden retriever

of devout, no doubt, Christian believers

and strands of long, blonde hair that shed

about the new white picket fence

and whiter smiles to boast this year

porcelain due to veneers

comfort money all around

to silence rival radical sounds

a conservative and quiet call

of ultimately nothing at all.


Ashley Romero a fifteen-year-old Junior from Southern California who writes poetry and prose about her developing perspective of the world, humanity, and herself. She hopes to reach her audience on a personal level and inspire people to embrace literature as an outlet for struggles that can be brought about by the human experience. She gravitates to more traditional modes of writing - rhyming patterns, alliterations, etc. - while touching on relevant themes such as mental health, identity, and relationships.

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