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The Linguistics of Scars -- poetry by Praniti Gulyani

there's something

that the scars on my arms

say to each other

every night

they talk about boundaries,

say they are a compass

which guides wandering travelers

across my expanse of skin

they talk about stars

scurry across my arms

and position themselves

in the crook of my elbow

the only part of my body

beneath the sky

as each of my scars

spread out across my skin

like silk-threaded nets

waiting to catch

a star


Praniti Gulyani is a sixteen year old author. Her book Sixteen Drops of Ink was published by The Impish Lass Publishing House in August 2020. She lives by the lines that really inspire her: "I will continue to write till my heart is devoid of all emotion and ideas, and still continue to write even after that, because writing is not a part of what I do, a part of who I am."

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