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The Stages of Falling in Love with Her - poetry by Charlotte Edwards

The Stages of Falling in Love with Her


When I meet her we bask in the rays of the sun

Weaving thorns into golden summer crowns

She is tapping hymns on my palm

We swim in the depths of each other's minds


She slowly becomes the cursive writing in my bible

Spelling out “lovely” over and over

I like the way it curves into oblivion


My pastor asks me where I see god today

And I knot my tongue from speaking about her

And the way

Her kisses taste like swallowing a halo

Her lips breath life into proverbs

Smiling sweet honey tones

Who needs god when I have her


We spend the night

Lips mouthing prayers in my ear

While singing sins on my skin

Sitting in tilted silence

Dreaming of god

With our bodies as the churches

When she says I love you

I am silent


Charlotte Edwards is a poet based in Nashville, TN. She spends her time drinking too much hot chocolate and writing pandemic poetry. She is currently an intern at Southern Word where she hopes to grow her abilities as a writer in hopes of one day becoming a renown poet.

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Andrea Florence
Andrea Florence
May 01, 2020

Charlotte is a queen💯

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