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this little hope -- poetry by Ellis Choi

what more is there to say?

they've said it all.

i felt the discomfort, i changed my name.

living is easier not easy.

sure i have to use the girl's bathroom

my body's still a little off

and yet i have this lifeline, this

little, growing, glowing thing.

close your eyes and remember it all

all those other kids taking the teacher aside

and remember you're not alone.

every time someone calls your name

every time you suddenly feel just right's a blessing.

remember it all and hold it close for those times

those times you look in the mirror at someone else

(more often than you would like)

those times you love your family but you know

you're a daughter and sister still.

try to keep the hope of a name, live on

avoid arguments; say good point just move on

remember how you don't have to try to try

anymore. remember how it hurt to try so hard.


Ellis Choi is a sophomore in Houston doing his best. They love all things creative and hope to achieve important things one day.

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